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Matt Sagen

Designer & Developer



Matt writes the software that we use to create the best possible customer experience, increase our efficiency, and in turn lower our prices.

Currently he is working on Automio that helps professionals like lawyers, accountants and business advisors capture their expertise and create automated, online self-service products to sell to their customers. 

Matt has over 15 years of professional IT experience (Sales, Project Planning and Management, Branding, User Interface Design, Software Development, and QA) and credits his Dad and his brother for encouraging him to write code from a very early age. He loves the creative challenge of designing interfaces and the technical challenge of building them. He enjoys helping businesses like Legal Beagle to modernise not only their technology, but their culture and processes, freeing people to spend more time doing what they love, both in and out of their offices.

When he is out of the office (and not looking after his 2 children and his dog with his wife, Mary), he is playing piano and guitar, rollerblading, surfing, or biking. As a classically trained jazz pianist he appreciates this quote: "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" by Martin Mull.



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