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Zac Bingham

Business Development Manager



Zac wants to be able to go skiing on a Wednesday.

And he wants his busy professional friends to come too. He’s been a corporate lawyer for the better part of a decade (in New Zealand and overseas) and he not only sees change a-coming, he wants to help drive it. Zac loves spreading the gospel according to Automio: he wants his professional friends to work smarter, not harder, and all without having to sacrifice income (actually, to increase it… !).

Zac has no time for being told things “can’t be done” and believes the coming wave of automation is an opportunity for business people to improve their personal and professional lives. He’s involved in a handful of other start-up businesses, and loves the dynamic and challenging working environment that comes with #startuplyf.

When he’s not in the office or otherwise online, Zac enjoys a multitude of outdoor activities. Embrace Automio in your business, and he’d be happy to see you in the snow mid-week!



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