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Hello Again...We're Back!


Hey you!

We had a good run, didn't we? You and me? 

In the beginning....

Surely what attracted you to Legal Beagle in the beginning was our plain language approach, affordable prices and 24/7 client dashboard. Access anytime, anywhere you wanted it, because that's what cloud-based law offices do. We knew you could handle it. You've always been tech savvy. Younger, bolder, more courageous than any before you. Willing to invest your own energies online mainly to save time and dollars. So smart.


Now, our client dashboard is gone and we’ve been a little quiet of late because we’ve had our heads down and been working on something much more fabulous. We’re now powered by a new automation software force called Automio. Automio is a clever interview bot that helps you create self-service, customised legal documents with Legal Beagle.

We're not a law firm anymore - that's old school

Yes, Legal Beagle used to be a law firm. Our company was the offspring of the established, traditional, and well respected law firm, Dennis King Law. It was there where we first envisioned how automation would make life easier, for you, me and all New Zealanders. But we changed our approach to meet your needs. We are a modern, digital brand. We are no longer a law firm that provides legal services. We are a technology business that lets you easily and affordably DIY your own legal documents. And we're backed by a team who want to make the law faster, better, and cheaper for you.

Legal docs for you

So now we offer all kinds of legal documents and contracts. Documents for your business, your life, and your family trust. Simply complete one of our online questionnaires for the legal document you need. The automated process is short, taking only minutes to create your custom legal document.

So, want to go running again tomorrow? Let’s take the first step by checking out what legal documents you can create here.

It feels so good to be back!

Team Legal Beagle





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